We hope that Russo Sanitation will be your garbage company for years to come... As our business grows over the years, we hope you will always choose, Russo Sanitation. Our hope for the future is to continue to provide you the same service you have grown happy with.
Based out of Milton, NY, Russo Sanitation is a full service garbage company who provides service for most of Ulster county. We provide exceptional service at an affordable rate. We strive to earn our   customer's loyalty and truly appreciate your business. Joe Russo's love for this particular business ensures that the best possible customer care is given in every service we have to provide our customers.
Joseph Russo, founder of Russo Sanitation, began following his dream of one day owning and operating a large full service garbage company, at the young age of 12. As he always found an interest in the garbage industry, he strived to make his dreams a reality by picking up a few residents trash on the road he grew up on, starting out with only an ATV and trailer. The passion Joseph felt for this business carried on through out the years as he worked his way from the bottom, with just his ten childhood neighbors garbage, to now servicing most of the Ulster county area.